Travis CI builders at our 2017 offsite in Amsterdam

At Travis CI we aim to empower people to build and ship great software.

Core Values

  • Openness

    Being open about our opinions, knowledge, and learnings allows us to work better as a team and as a company. It’s the foundation for making good decisions.

  • Collaboration

    Our best work emerges when we push and encourage each other, when we ask more questions and take time to listen, when we help each other, when we celebrate our successes together, when we respect, trust and support each other.

  • Diversity

    Being different makes us a healthier team and a better company. As a diverse and inclusive team our perspectives and backgrounds enable us to make better decisions.

  • Empathy

    We can only understand each other and our respective points of view when we accept that experiencing and expressing feelings is a key part of a healthy dialogue.

Aspirational Values

  • Candor

    We can only grow and get better if we have open and honest conversations and ask more questions rather than make assumptions.

  • Balance

    Work is but one part of life. Making room for both means we focus on a sustainable but steady pace when we work and focus on our friends and families when we’re done.

  • Courage

    Uncertainty is a natural part of building a company together. Progress in the face of it can only happen when we default to take action and smart risks. Keeping those actions and risks small and incremental but deliberate allows us to fail and recover quickly and to always try out new things.

  • Continuous

    Failures and successes are an opportunity to reflect and to learn. Owning up to both allows us to get a little bit better, every day. Seeking out feedback to improve ourselves and the people around us allows us to improve the things we ourselves don’t always see.

  • Community

    A shared purpose unites us together as a team, with the communities around us, and with our customers. Supporting each other in succeeding, opening up and sharing personal stories helps create a team environment built on trust and mutual understanding.

  • Accountability

    Autonomy and authority are a key ingredient to building a great company. Each of us is required to take responsibility for our behavior, our commitments, and our actions, as individuals and as a team, and to own the outcomes.